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We've worked with many people in various locations and we've asked a few of them to candidly share their personal experience working with Good Boy!!  Please take a moment and listen to what they have to say :)



     "I had just adopted a very energetic puppy when I called Good Boy!! Professional Dog Training.  After speaking with Wade on the phone, I was ready to get started.

     "Wade was very calm and explained to me about Pack Structure and how to communicate positively with my Gracie.  We went through 6 sessions with Wade.  He was always very professional, always stayed calm and explained what we were going to do and how we were going to do it and then he demonstrated the technique and then observed as Gracie and I performed the technique he was teaching us.

     "Wade was always enthusiastic and very dedicated to our lessons.  He was always patient, calm and very kind with Gracie and she responded accordingly.

     "We both always looked forward to our training sessions.  Wade is a wonderful trainer, compassionate individual and Gracie and I are proud to call him our friend.


Debbie and Gracie W."

Wade and Gracie_edited_edited.jpg



     "We called Wade in to work with us and our new puppy, Jack.  Jack Russell's are notoriously boisterous and energetic dogs.  And although Jack is our 3rd JR, the challenges were especially daunting in his case.  He paid no attention to what was said to him and worse, he was bullying our older JR.  He certainly had a lot of attitude and even though he was small, he was the dominant personality in our home.  From the very first home visit, Wade worked intensely with Jack. and with us, and we were so pleased with every aspect of his training.  Wade helped us learn new skills so that we were able to deal with a dog that most people would find hard to control.  Wade clearly understands dogs and he is so good at explaining each step in development.  We would highly recommend Good Boy Trainers to help you work with any of your dogs.  Wade has a natural ability that makes dogs like him and the authority to make them take instructions without mistreating them."

Jack P in April_edited.jpg



"Amelia and Wade,

     Thanks so very much for your help with our furbabies.  You have become official members of our little pack.  Your professionalism and understanding of our dogs and our pack structure has been amazing.  Willow and Aspen have come so far with their obedience training.  I would (and often do) recommend your service to  other dog owners.  You have our entire pack's interest in mind.  Our dogs are well behaved, and a pleasure to be they should be.  Wade and Amelia, your relationship with our pets (and us humans) is a gift.  Thank you a million times and please never stop doing what you're doing."



     "We decided to bring two Great Dane puppies into our home last fall and knew that we would need training in order to properly care for such large dogs. Wade and Amelia helped us in home and the dogs learned to listen and please us with their behavior. They were helpful in helping us be the "pack leaders" for our dogs and the dogs (Maisley and Azul) can be in the house or outside without tearing up things, running away or jumping on us. When Azul, our male Great Dane, got about 6 months old and weighed over 100 pounds I began to notice problems with him not liking strangers. When someone beside our immediate family would be at the house or in public, he would growl and lunge at them. I called Wade and Amelia again and they assessed his behavior and suggested "Aggression Therapy" for Azul. The cost per session was fairly high, but it included having other dogs and people to practice his behavior with. I cannot say enough great things about how this training (Aggression Therapy) went. After only a couple of sessions I was able to take Azul, by myself, in public. He does not growl or lunge at strangers and with his size of currently 170 pounds, we get a lot of strangers stopping us to talk and ask questions. If you have a dog that needs general or specialized training, these are the people to call!"



     "Everyone thinks their dogs are the best, and they aren't wrong. All dogs are awesome in their own way. Amelia and Wade helped me to teach my dogs how awesome they are. Two of my three boys have confidence issues. Amelia and Wade taught me how to praise and reward them in a way that they were able to understand. They taught me to "speak dog," if you will. With two Scottish Terriers, a very stubborn breed, I made it 2017 New Years resolution to get them training with Good Boy. Pack structure turned out to be more like training for me, but it was just what I needed. Once I got that down, everything else went MUCH easier. Winston, our youngest, is an Aussiedoodle. Very smart but acts as though he doesn't know it. I needed assistance learning how to "work" him, mind and body. Again, this was more training for me. As soon as Amelia worked with me, things just clicked for Winston. Many tasks he had down in one session. I would HIGHLY recommend Good Boy training! Be as awesome of a person as your dogs think you are and give Wade and Amelia a call. You (and your dogs) won't regret it!"



     "I am so impressed with the Pack Training! I have had dogs all of my life (60 yrs) and I have never trained a dog with the pack structure, it has always been just the basic obedience class through the local rec center. When Amelia explains Pack Structure, it all makes so much sense. If you can make it through the first week and be kind of a hard nose, then you have it made. Pack Structure is just like raising your kids - you have to establish who the boss is and then once that is done, you can love on them, but every once in a while you have to re-establish that and become a hard nose for a little bit. Amelia is wonderful! I haven't met Wade, but I'm sure he is too. Thank you for everything."




     "I can't express in words my gratitude for the training Wade and Amelia did for my miniature Goldendoodle, Teddy.  They were both extremely knowledgeable and gave me the tools I needed in order to be a good pack leader.  They started working with myself and Teddy when he was 4 months old and by the time he was 1 year old, he was a certified therapy dog.  They are very accommodating with their scheduling and give you everything you need in order to reach your goals you have for your dog.  I highly recommend them!"

Teddy at work.jpg



     "I wanted my 13 year old son Alex to learn about how to best handle his dog Blaze, and to learn from Amelia and her group class at Petsense.  Amelia explains from the dog's point of view why you need to be the leader for your dog.  She had each dog handler put on the pinch collar directly on our arms and use it on ourselves; it doesn't hurt, so we invested in one.  Blaze learned from the start that putting on the pinch collar means he gets to go to class, and we noticed that Blaze would get excited, wiggly and couldn't wait to load up in the vehicle to go as soon as we put his training collar on.  I highly recommend Amelia's training for any aged person or dog!"



     "Amelia and Wade made possible what we had hoped for with our dog Jack.  Jack has such a wonderful temperament and smarts that we knew he needed to be a therapy dog!  After Jack's training my husband and I take Jack with us to our jobs.  Three days a week Jack goes to the high school where my husband works and the other two days he goes to work with me at an elementary school.  Jack gets to greet the kiddos in the mornings with the principal and he gets to go in the classrooms and hang out for a time.  Many comments from the kids and staff have been that Jack has made a wonderful difference at our school.  Jack also has made a big hit with the high school students.  The consensus is pretty much the same everywhere, People Love Jack!!!"

JACK at school.jpg


JACK in newspaper.jpg
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