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About Good Boy!!

     "WE COME TO YOU! "  We are a husband and wife dog training team based in Pittsburg, KS.  Established in late 2006, Good Boy!! does not operate out of any one, specific facility but is a mobile training company, traveling to wherever our clients are located.  There is no limit to the distance we'll travel.  Besides being convenient for the client, the dogs in training are able to get their education started in a familiar environment.

     We recognize that each dog is an individual with unique needs and circumstances.  Therefore, all of our training is custom tailored to fit your dog's needs, circumstances and specific training goals.  All of our clients are unique also.  Therefore, in addition to training your dog, we employ practical management tips that will enable you to maintain a great relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

     Just as there are no 'one size fits all' blue jeans (or at least we hope not), our prices vary according to each dog and the unique circumstances involved, as well as location of client, duration period of training, and specific training goals to be achieved.  Please contact us to learn more.

Meet the Team!

Amelia's animal career really began early on, riding and showing horses from age 11 to 21.  From 16 to circa 18 years of age, she worked as a horse riding instructor, horse trainer's assistant and vet tech assistant.  She began training dogs professionally at age 18.  Amelia's formal education included studies in Animal Science and Training at Missouri State University, finishing her college education at Missouri Southern State University with a degree in Psychology--its emphasis being in Animal Behavior. She also studied Dog Behavior and Training at Animal Behavior College. Afterward, Amelia shadowed a Master Dog Trainer to gain extra on-the-job knowledge and experience. She attributes much of her animal behavior and training knowledge and ability to the years of instruction that she received from her long-time horse trainer who taught her from age eleven.


Being an animal lover his whole life, Wade's work with dogs began well before the birth of Good Boy!!  It was only a matter of time before the paths of his animal passion and professional dog training would meet...and meet they did!  For years, Wade studied the art of dog training via multiple programs and shadowed various dog trainers in action.  Later, while raising his family, Wade worked two jobs (often overnight) for many years, his dog training only being part-time.  Finally, after years of patience and dedication, apprenticeship under a Master Trainer mentor, and getting fully certified, Wade was able to go full-time with dog training and hasn't looked back since.


Nanook worked many years as a service dog, specifically a seizure alert dog and PTSD service dog.  After the passing of Good Boy!!'s original demo dogs, Harley and Bodhi, Nanook assumed the role of ambassador.  Now semi-retired, this seasoned veteran makes only limited appearances.  He currently helps us with dog aggressive therapies as well as various socialization exercises.  Through all the years, Nanook has maintained his charisma and charm.  Nanook has a true love for the ladies--dogs AND humans alike!  DID YOU KNOW?:  Good Boy!! derived its name from Amelia's original demo dog "Harley". 

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