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Q:  Do you work with any breed of dog?
A:  Yes!  We know that every dog is an individual and deserves the opportunity for a higher education.  We have years of experience working with many different breeds.
Q:  How far do you folks travel for training jobs?
A:  There is no limit to how far we'll travel for training.  Depending on the location of client, travel fees may apply.
Q:  How much does training cost?
A:  Prices varyWe price each job according to multiple factors:  What are the training goals?, What is the dog's age?, Is the dog aggressive?, Where does the client live?, etc.  To simplify the pricing process, we encourage all persons interested in training to CALL AND SPEAK WITH US PERSONALLY.     
Q:  Do you accept credit cards?
A:  Yes!  We accept most major credit cards.  Cash payment and payment by check are the most common forms of payment we receive.
Q:  Do you offer payment plans?
A:  Yes!  We know that life must be kept livable financially, so we are more than happy to accommodate  our clients with a payment system that works for them personally.
Q:  How much time does a training session take?
A:  Most training sessions last one to two hoursYounger dogs have short attention spans, so it is quite common for their sessions to be notably shorter.

Q:  How old does my dog have to be to begin training?

A:  We begin training with dogs as young as eight weeks old.

Q:  Is my dog too old for training?
A:  No!!  As long as your vet agrees that your dog is healthy enough for training, then age should not be a problem.  We have successfully trained dogs 14 years of age and older!
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