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(ABOVE) The BEFORE video:  Buckwheat chases, runs alongside, and even gets in front of ANY type of vehicle that passes his house.  In this video it happens to be a tractor that he's risking his life with....

(ABOVE)  The AFTER video:  One of Buckwheat's favorite trucks to chase drives by and Buckwheat not only refuses to chase the truck, but also refuses to look toward the street.  Success!!

(ABOVE)  In this video, Wade teaches Rosco to "Wait" for permission (the release word "OK") before going outside.

(BELOW)  Young Teddy perfecting his Recall with his Mum in a public setting.  Today, Teddy works for a funeral home as a Certified Therapy Dog.

(BELOW)  Young German Shepherd Dog Koda nails a fantastic "Stay" cue despite being outside on a windy day (lots of smells and distractions) AND her Mum going completely out of sight, which is all too often a trigger to break a "Stay".

(BELOW)  Chip and Wade perfecting the "Place" command.  "Place" involves assigning a dog a location to lay "Down" and "Stay" put until given permission to get up--a FANTASTIC management cue.

(ABOVE)  As they walk, Gracie Mae demonstrates fantastic "Engagement" with her owner--looking to him for direction and leadership.  This indicates that she recognizes him as her Pack Leader and is ready to mimic his pace and direction.

(ABOVE)  After being told to "Wait", Cody obediently and quite instantly "Comes" on command.  THIS is the kind of Recall every dog owner needs to have with his or her dog.  We can help you achieve this!!

(ABOVE)  Niko nicely demonstrates an obedient "Stay" as his Mum 'shops' behind his back.

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